Monday, February 2, 2009


While our friends on the other side of the Atlantic breeze and freeze, here in California (even up north) it must be 85 degrees. At least in this damn wooden classroom. Funny how the conditions for Ethics class are so unethical (IT'S SO HOT). Outside it's a much more frigid 73ish or 23ish for you cold people.

Also on fire.........

weCHING feat. THE MDMC played thursday, friday, and saturday of last weekend.

Thursday we got a small room but had it packed to beyond what the fire marshall would have approved of. Later that night fights broke out so that...

Friday the party was not happening (well not really) but come Saturday we got a big big dance room with lots of tight lights and probably had it packed 150-250 people absolutely LOSING THEIR MINDS to the vibrations. We had girls (and guys!) on tables dancing and pouring drinks and taking off clothes and singing ("DAY AND NIGHT!") and all in between.

Some quotes from the night,
"Can you play a song with words????"

or this dialogue

DRUNK DUDE: "Can you play hip hop?"
PAUL "No, bitch."
*guy comes back with two oogly girls*
DD: "These girls want you to play hip hop."
MOLO: "I want to burn you in the eye with my cigarette."

I think the highlight of Saturday would have to be as people were getting higher and higher until they could not have gotten any higher when...BAM! INFINITY 2008 KLAAS EDIT.

People jumped until they broke their soles and loved until they busted their souls.

(oh yeah and keep your kids excited for

Enthusiasm (en-theos) : filled with divine power.

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