Tuesday, April 20, 2010


some pretty epic performances this year

flying lotus has to be one of the best producers/djs in the world right now, if not THE best. his set at coachella was so on point that no drugs were required for your mind to be completely blown. that guy knows what he's doing. there was a point about halfway through where people just started getting louder and louder and he just turned the sound off for a minute and people kept screaming louder and louder. it was just everyone howling at how good the music was, just straight giving compliment to flying lotus because everyone knew how locked in he was. at the end everybody was choking up as he thanked everyone so much for the opportunity. guy has worked really hard and is finally get some cred. never seen someone so happy while playing such awesome music.

they only had a 20 minute set. NINJA & Yo-Landi are geniuses though and threw down in 20 minutes what was better than the majority of what every other artist put down in an hour. so much energy, ninja dancing in his pink floyd underwear, "YO, DROP THE MOTHERFOCKEN BEAT BOX."

Saw afterward that DIE ANTWOORD is playing at HARD this summer, so if you get a chance go check them out. They're hilarious and so talented.

deadmau5 also murdered. full light up mau5trap thing that at least matched Daft Punk's pyramid, and a mau5 mask that was a full on screen all the way to the tips of the ears. this clip a face comes up on the mask for the first time and stars saying that things sometimes get complicated. and then it dropped all crazy and people lost it as the eyes and mouth melted away.

major lazer dropping and fake dropping WARP. totally insane.

beach house was also really good.

craze and klever had 4 decks but when they both got on one things got complicated.

youtube the rest of the artists, they all killed! jay-z and beyonce was awesome, phoenix and hot chip were super cool. gossip, fever ray, devo, all insane.

club75 dropping dubstep was pretty dope too

COAHELLA '010 was the craziest one yet (and too crowded) next year better be good or we might not be there. Hopefully some CHING CHING artists gonna be playing !!!

woop woop! one love!


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