Thursday, June 17, 2010


So WE just passed 3,000 downloads on fairtilzer. That's 3,000 iPods all over the world with our coughshitcough music on them. We are absolutely in love with the Do It Yourself Music Club and cannot recommend them enough, so get over to and start checking out the charts, they are always fantastic.


John Roman had a remix contest and WE has got a couple of entries which are worth checking out.

The man himself (Mr J. Roman) just released a mmaassssiivvee mixtape, featuring 16 unreleased original and remixed tracks of his and is really, truly impressive. He is on fire. Check it out if you want and let your mind be blown.

RECLUSION by John Roman

As you may or may not know, We have a bi-annual solstice compilation that comes out every December 21st and June 21st. That means only a few more days until the new one and this one is going to be big. Lots of huge contributions from artists all over the world that have nothing better to do but offer their creativity to the world, those bums. If bandcamp starts acting nicely you'll be able to download all of the tracks with the option of paying whatever you feel is reasonable (which may mean $0.00, but who's counting?). You'll also be able to stream all of the tracks through Fairtilizer and on the *new* website Most exciting is we should also have an extremely limited run of physical copies on some sweet vinyl, which will feature some bonus tracks you won't be able to get anywhere online. You'll be able to get that and what ever other goodies it comes with on the site as well.

It's never to late to add something to the compilation so if you feel so inclined toss us something brand new original that comes straight from the bottom of your soul at contact (@) . We'd love to have you.

This is going to be a big summer, WE's very excited.

One love cousins,

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