Tuesday, July 20, 2010


They say silence is golden, and (hugs and kisses) we promise this silence will come to an end with a glorious golden crescendo!

Many new things coming up!

Sorry if you've been checking and have been real sad when there's nothing new, we've been so busy we even forgot to post the Soulsticey Summer '010 Compilation


17 eclectic tracks from world famous artists.

Last weekend a couple of WE CHING artists played at McCuttiez in San Francisco, namely TRA1L5 (myspace.com/preesandtanks) and AmbiUntz (myspace.com/ambiuntz ...) and a lot of people got to hear some brand new productions and get down at a super sweet underground venue.

We've got some big new artists to announce (hold your horses though, we're not going to come early if you know what we mean) and more (if you know what we mean).

Expect a few more weeks of calm seas before the hurricane.

one love cousins

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