Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Circuit Theory EP by Mike Spliff

The long awaited and much overdue debut EP by California based Mike Spliff, the Circuit Theory EP, is finally upon us. Featuring three original techno destroyers and two remixes (by French duo Basterds United and WE REC label mate POLYGLOTT) the EP is characteristic of Spliff's relentless electronic energy and a preview of what is to come.

Listen to and download the mp3s at (above) or get high quality files from bandcamp, where you can also donate directly to Spliff & the WE REC Crew if you are so inclined, the album and tracks are available at whatever price you want (even free, we don't mind)!

Keep your eyes peeled for the seasonal Soulsticey Winter 2010 Compilation featuring over a dozen tracks (including songs by Mike Spliff and POLYGLOTT) fresh out of the meat baking ovens, due in the next day or two.

Enjoy and dance and don't forget to breathe and drink water.

one love

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