Thursday, January 15, 2009

ed banger getting front page LA TIMES publicity

woke up this morning to JUSTICE on the front page of the los angeles times.


and it has to do with a pretty hectic story too.  there's a video on youtube (a violent gruesome one you probably don't need to see, but which I will embed anyway for sake of convenience, you sick, twisted people) taken from the inside of a BART (our public trains!) looking out the window and showing a young guy get cuffed and pushed down onto his stomach and then shot in the spine by a police officer.  people of course are extremely offended, but if it is any consolation to the officer of peace, he looks pretty confused in the video right after it happens like maybe he didn't mean to just murder that fool instantly.  there was public outcry and looks like now the cop is going to jail, which is probably the safest thing for him these days.  though I can't help but imagine some kind of JUSTICE will be imposed on him in his prison cell, I hope he has back up karma to help pay this one off.

all of the viscious humanity aside...

ED BANGER artist GASPARD de AUGE and some freakish combination of his tour manager BOUCHON and laid-back-and-lovin-it-DJ MEHDI were photographed playing some basketball and put on the cover of the LA TIMES sports section.  I don't know who is in charge of publicity for these guys, ups.


For today, probably going to ride somewhere and exhange my coins and quarters for cash and then buy something with it.  and drink matt`e at this argentenian girls house, and then this evening riding to someone other girl's house who happens to own a hookah.  it looks like a good time, existing just to spread the love.

keep it tight,

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