Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oui! oui! oui! ching! ching! ching!

winter is already thawing, three 81 degree days (that's 27 degrees for the strange ones) in the middle of January tells me so.  and with the melting of the season comes the inevitable runoff of creativity which, in the drier seasons, will flow even more abundantly.  I am excited, because it smells like teen spirit.  Sorry MDMC [20 on Jan 17][woot].

this is why yesterday there was not a weCHING blog, and today there is. oh, and the glory of modern technology.

programs and VS-steeze being downloaded, music being peroused (define it, it's a sicker word you thought), parties being had and handled, collaborations starting, learning happening, hardware being paid for and plugged in, coachella just(ice) around the corner, uploading avatars to forums, the joy of the creative and the receptive.

and you know it's auspicious because last night I dreamt about C(09)ACHELLA (sahara BAM ed rec BOOM) and at one point meeting, becoming aquainted with and then inviting monsieur pedro winter and his gang to dinner at the P.S.P. (palm springs pad) and then proceeding to have a wonderful evening of combined crews ingesting beverages, inhaling carcinogens, and big talk of a small world. and then further proceeding to party it up at the banging ed house the next night.  apparently there's lights and music on my mind.

don't know if you know LA HOUSE MAFIA but I'm going to sleep now so that tomorrow I can see how some of that new hardware (paid and plugged) sounds.

only two weeks in and already the brightest and biggest year to date.

so this is the first post.


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